Acewell Electronics Ltd – 30 years in business

A local, family company specialising in the design and manufacture of electronic products – Acewell Electronics Ltd, have recently moved premises from Farrington Close Burnley, to new premises in Worsthorne.

Submarine communications

Founded in 1983, the company started in premises in Hapton, moving into the Farrington Close unit 4 years later.  Acewell spent 24 years there, where many advanced software driven products were introduced, and where the company were asked to re- design a special communication handset used on board HM submarines and surface vessels as well producing an advanced amplifier also for use in fighting vessels.

Around the early 90’s, Acewell were contracted by a multi-national fire protection company to assemble a state of the art fire suppression system for heavy plant vehicles and machinery which have helped to detect and prevent fire damage to many large, complex and expensive moving and fixed pieces of equipment. Later Acewell designed and produced many sound signalling products for the leading supplier in the UK.
One of the many sounders they designed, is the familiar signal used on board Virgins Pendolino trains to indicate that the doors can be opened when at a station.

Burglar alarms

In all this time, the company have always, and continue to manufacture, install, and maintain Burglar alarm, Fire Alarm and Detection systems, Emergency Lighting products, as well as supplying and servicing portable fire appliances for discerning clients in commercial, industrial and local authority properties, throughout the local area and beyond. The company are SSAIB approved and vetted, and design and work to the demanding standards laid down by BSI and many other regulating bodies.

In more recent times, Acewell were asked by one of the UK’s leading specialist Fire Suppression companies, to design and manufacture a range of controls to detect and extinguish fires in ships galleys, and in particular the hoods over deep fat fryers. The result was a software driven control panel which proved an immediate success.  This type of control are now produced in many versions, to satisfy the requirements for fire detection and suppression in applications throughout industrial, leisure and commercial properties as well as on board ship, worldwide. They even have a control that protects the UK’s leading manufacturer of CNC machines with great success.

Kitchen fire suppression control panels

Indeed, Acewell’s control panels have recently been installed in the kitchens of Buckingham Palace as well as “The Shard”, and similar prestigious properties throughout the UK, and many installations worldwide.  The controls Acewell produce have now become the preferred choice of fire protection by many well known insurers here in the UK and further afield.

Another production task recently carried out, was the re-engineering of the fire suppression cylinders for use on board the Eurostar. After successful trials in France, the cylinders are being fitted to all rolling stock using the channel tunnel.

Other products that the firm have designed include a pump controller to lift and remove water from walk in shower trays. To reduce noise and power usage, the control regulates the pump according to the incoming waterflow, automatically adjusting the speed to follow the water input.
The suppression controls Acewell produce have now become the preffered choice of fire protection by many leading insurers both here in the UK and further afield.

Acewell Electronics are fully aware and are fully and totally committed to the need to, “think ahead to stay ahead”, and which has helped them to retain the leadership that change and advancement has dictated in the 30 years that Acewell Electronics have been producing world class products.

Here’s to the next 30 years!….

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