Think your house is secure? You may be wrong…

Compare the Market have surveyed more than 1000 people to understand and then debunk some assumptions around home security. Is it the elderly or the young who are more likely to be robbed? Do people really keep their valuables under their beds? What sort of deterrents really work on thieves?

In October we celebrate home security month but we’re not alone in our quest to improve the nations safety. Compare the Market surveyed over 1,000 people in this security article to expose the truth on many of the myths we’re all thinking. They also interviewed an expert in the field to get some real insights in what deters burglars.

It’s good to see that a good burglar alarm features on their list of strong investments. It’s reckoned that even a fake burglar alarm can be a strong deterrent but it’s likely that most would recommend a working one to make sure that any brave burglar that tries anyway doesn’t get away easy. There are more facts in the main article but here are two of our favourites:

  • Don’t post about your holidays on social media!
    This is underestimated these days but experts say this can make break ins much more straight forward. Don’t make it easy for them! Make sure you don’t post about your holiday until you’re home and try to resist the temptation of checking into a fancy resort. It might make your friends jealous but it could also help a burglar.
  • Those aged 16-24 are most likely to be victims of burglary.
    There’s a big myth out there that the elderly are most likely to be robbed when it’s actually the younger generation. Perhaps it’s the laptops and tablets that litter homes that makes them attractive targets. If you’ve got gadgets about your house have a think about getting home insurance as the younger generation are also the least likely to have cover.


From all of us at Acewell we hope you have a very safe winter.


We think the information here is valuable and could help you avoid being burgled.

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