Card payments now accepted

Good news! Acewell Electronics Ltd now accept card payments. When you get your bill, give us a call and we can take your payment over the phone. Alternatively, call in and use contactless or chip and PIN in the office.


Think your house is secure? You may be wrong…

Compare the Market have surveyed more than 1000 people to understand and then debunk some assumptions around home security. Is it the elderly or the young who are more likely to be robbed? Do people really keep their valuables under their beds? What sort of deterrents really work on thieves? […]


Homecontrol system

Do you want to control your alarm from your phone? Do you want an integrated alarm and CCTV system? NOW YOU CAN… Acewell Electronics are now installing the Pyronix Homecontrol system and the prices are great. Access and control your home from anywhere in the world through your smart device […]


Burglars not welcome in Lancashire!

A recent successful Police crackdown on burglary has seen the arrest of 43 people, 13 of which have been charged. The campaign, run by Lancashire Constabulary is the latest in a series of operations, targetting known offenders in the county.  By patrolling routes known to be used by burglars, police […]


Beware of cheap phone chargers

An extra phone charger is always a handy thing to have around.  However, a recent spate of fires and incidents caused by cheap phone and mobile device chargers, should make you consider whether cheap is worth the risk. A recent fatal fire in Sheffield, which caused the deaths of five […]


Burglars should face tougher penalties

Damian Green, the Justice minister has said that burglars should face tougher sentences in cases where children might have been traumatised by a break-in. Enhanced sentences can already be handed down by judges, where children have been at home when a burglary occurred, due to the aggravating factor.  Judges are […]


Police warn over increase in East Lancashire burglaries

Lancashire Police are warning residents to be on their guard after an increase in house burglaries in Clitheroe and Clayton-Le-Moors.  In the period 1st March – 25th March, Police recorded 13 offences in the area, compared with none in the same period last year. Detective Inspector Eric Halford said ‘The […]


House fires caused by loose batteries

Where do you keep your spare batteries?  If you are anything like most people, they will be discarded in a junk drawer, in amongst the rest of the household clutter you’d like hidden from the world. If you do chuck your 9v and AA batteries in a drawer, then it […]


Hotel fire safety

This week, a friend of mine was staying in a hotel in the US.  In the middle of the night, the hotel had to be evacuated due to a serious fire in a stairwell.  It turns out that the fire was started deliberately – my friend rather freaked out, sensibly […]


Videofied – a new concept in burglar detection

Videofied is a brand new, proven concept in burglar alarm technology.  It is not merely a simple CCTV system, that records videos, which can be accessed by the owner, but a complete video burglar alarm system.  When activated, the system sends a 10 second video clip by GPRS mobile technology […]


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