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Beware of cheap phone chargers

An extra phone charger is always a handy thing to have around.  However, a recent spate of fires and incidents caused by cheap phone and mobile device chargers, should make you consider whether cheap is worth the risk. A recent fatal fire in Sheffield, which caused the deaths of five […]


House fires caused by loose batteries

Where do you keep your spare batteries?  If you are anything like most people, they will be discarded in a junk drawer, in amongst the rest of the household clutter you’d like hidden from the world. If you do chuck your 9v and AA batteries in a drawer, then it […]


Hotel fire safety

This week, a friend of mine was staying in a hotel in the US.  In the middle of the night, the hotel had to be evacuated due to a serious fire in a stairwell.  It turns out that the fire was started deliberately – my friend rather freaked out, sensibly […]


Are unwanted fires a thing of the past?

Recent government statistics have shown that unwanted fires are becoming more and more of an aberration.  Between 2001 and 2012 the number of blazes reported to fire services in the UK has halved and the number of people killed in fires has fallen from 967 in 1985 to just 380 […]


Hotel director receives a suspended prison sentence

Cumberland court Ltd, has been fined £22,000 and a director has been handed down a suspended prison sentence, for breaches in fire safety legislation. The Hylands Hotel, Coventry which used to be owned by Cumberland Court Limited, was found to be in breach of legislation during an investigation which found […]


Don’t become a victim of a ‘blunder’ fire

The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) says there has been a rise in domestic fires, caused by ‘blunders’.  Since 2009, such fires have increased by over a third. The CSC, a charity, claims that its survey suggests that people think they are behaving in a sensible fashion, but make common errors, […]


Brazilian nightclub tragedy reflection

No one who has seen the news coming out of Santa Maria, Brazil over the weekend could have failed to be shocked and deeply saddened by the scenes of tragedy and devastation at the Kiss nightclub fire that has killed 233 people, mainly students. The blaze which appears to have […]


Lithium batteries continued

Ok kids, further to my last post about the potential dangers of lithium-ion batteries, by complete coincidence I’ve had an issue with one over the weekend. Look at this photograph of my old iPhone 3GS which has been out of action awaiting redeployment for a couple of months… This phone […]


Lithium battery fire hazard

The recent fire on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet, has highlighted the hazard of lithium-ion batteries, which are ubiquitous in modern electronic gadgets such as mobile phones. Lithium-ion cells have revolutionised miniature electronics, allowing smaller and more efficient mobile gadgets, but they have one teeny problem – a tendency to […]


LFB calls for tougher fridge and freezer fire standards

A new report by London Fire Brigade (LFB) has concluded that household fridges and freezers are the most dangerous appliances in the home when involved in a fire. The report has examined fires that were started by electricity or by electrical appliances, following a devastating 2011 house fire in Neasdon […]


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