Types of fire extinguisher

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A fire needs fuel, oxygen and heat in order to burn.  In simple terms, fire extinguishers remove one of these elements by applying an agent that either cools the burning fuel, or removes or displaces the surrounding oxygen, thus extinguishing the fire.




Ideal for class A fires, those involving paper, wood and similar carbon based solids, water extinguishers are the most basic kind on the market.  Water applied to a fire, cools the burning materials and extinguishes the fire.  They are still an important backbone in a fire fighting arsenal.


AFFF (foam)



Also ideal for class A fires, AFFF is an additive to water that provides more efficient fire fighting capability.  When discharged on a fire, a layer of foam smothers the flames, starving the fire of oxygen.  At the same time, the burning materials are cooled, reducing the risk of reigniting.


Dry Powder



Dry Powder is a highly versatile Class A, B and C fire fighting medium for most fire risks and is often classed as multi purpose. In addition to dealing with electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gases, this range of extinguishers is also effective on vehicle fires. The powder smothers the fire, again starving the burning material of oxygen.





Mainly deployed against electrical fires, class B fires Co2 is heavier than oxygen and displaces it from a fire.  Because there is no cooling element, there is a risk of re-ignition, but deploying a Co2 extinguisher on delicate electrical or electronic devices, is often better than covering them with powder.


Wet Chemical



Wet Chemical is a relatively new type of extinguisher, specifically produced to fight class F fires, involving hot fat and oil. Again the chemical is an additive to water, which when deployed on a fire starts a chemical reaction, producing a soap like solution, both smothering and cooling the fire.  To this end, they are a must have type of extinguisher for all kitchens which fry and generally use hot fats.  Fish and chip shops are one example where wet chemical fire extinguishers are indispensable.


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